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Hummel Trademark 3 - Stylized Bee - 1960 to 1972:

stylized_bee.gif - 1.86 K

Apple Tree Girl
Sensitive Hunter
Chimney Sweep
Feeding Time
Happy Traveler
School Girl


Hummel Trademark 5- Goebel Bee - 1972 to 1979: - 1.52 K

Hummel Trademark 4 - Three Line Stylized Bee - 1964 to 1972:

threeline_bee_trademark.gif - 1.12 K
Feeding Time

The TradeMark

The other definitive identifier is the Goebel stamp on the underside of the figurine -- the official Goebel trademark. Though the look of the trademark has varied since 1935, every authentic M.I.Hummel figurine will have a Goebel stamp on its underside. The backstamp currently in use was created in 1991 in celebration of the reunification of Germany. It incorporates a "wide-crown WG" mark with the company name, and "Germany" as the country of origin. Over the years, any change in the backstamp has been a source of excitement for M.I.Hummel collectors. Most of the known marks used over the years are shown here. However, from time to time, a rare and undocumented variation may surface.

Goebel used these trademarks on all its products in 1935, when M. I. Hummel figurines were first made commercially available.

The letters WG in the mark found below the crown are the initials of one of the founders of the company, William Goebel.

Some Crown Mark have been found that appears twice on the same piece, more often one mark incised and the other stamped. This is known as the "Double Crown Mark". Sometimes you will also find an earlier trademark as well as an older trademark on the same piece. This has been done because the figurine piece was fired during a trademark transition period. The figurine was fired under one trademark but was not painted until the new trademark was implemented. "Double Marks" such as these are considered to be the latter mark and are appraised as such.

The Hummel signature is found as a base rim marking. When found, the signature usually is placed on the edge or the vertical edge of the base. Some people have confused the M.I. Hummel signature with the Crown Trademark. Actually, in fact the signature is not a Crown .

List of my Hummels

hummark9.gif - 0.68 K

The Large Stylized Bee

This trademark was used primarily from 1960 through 1963. The "W. Germany" is placed to the right of the bottom of the V. The color of the mark will be black or blue. It is sometimes found inside an incised circle. When you find the Large Stylized Bee mark, you will normally find a stamped "West" or "Western Germany" in black elsewhere on the base, but not always.

This mark is also considered to be trademark #3. It was used concurrently with the Large Stylized Bee from about 1960 and continued in this use until about 1972. The "W. Germany" appears centered beneath the V and Bee. The mark is usually rendered in blue and it too is often accompanied by a stamped black West or Western Germany. The mark is sometimes referred to by collectors and dealers as the One Line Mark.

1972_1979.gif - 1.94 K

Hummels | List of my Hummels | Chimney Sweep: value = $175 - $299 | Feeding Time: value = $300 - $350 | Happy Traveler: value = $225 - $250

SCHOOL GIRLS - Approximate size in inches: 9.5" List price $3,200.00 | SCHOOL BOYS - Approximate size in inches: 9.5" List price $3,200.00 | Apple Tree Girl: value = $350 - $400| School Girls: value = $350 - $400 | Sensitive Hunter: value = $200 - $250 | Boots: value = $200 - $250

With such an attentive little nanny to help nurture her new brood mother cat knows her adorable kittens will be in good hands even if she snuggles up for a wee cat nap! Sweet childhood memories come flooding back in "New Arrivals" a delightful bisque


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